Papier Mache (Pulp Method)

This method of working with paper and paste allows you to mold and work with the material much as you would clay. It is ideal for making jewelry such as pins and earrings, and the pulp can be shaped easily to make small ornaments, decorations, and figures.

You will need:

How to:

Soak pieces of paper (about 1" square) overnight in warm water till soft. Follow directions on wallpaper paste for mixing. Add a small amount of wallpaper paste to the paper mixture and stir. Strain excess water from a handfull of the pulp. With your hands, gently squeeze out most of the water and place it in the plastic container. Now the pulp is ready to work. Form jewelry, ornaments, etc. After drying, objects may be painted with acrylic paints.

Tips and Tricks:

Follow manufacturer's directions for mixing wallpaper paste or use flour and water with some carpenter's glue added to make the paste stick better.

Use pulp decorations instead of bows on packages.

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Volume 1 No. 4

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