Work a Trashasaurus Rex Jigsaw Puzzle

This year, 2020, marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, which is celebrated annually on April 22. When the twentieth anniversary of Earth Day came around, we created Trashasaurus Rex, a dinosaur sculpture that's covered with hundreds of solid waste pieces.  The trashy beast is the mascot for The Imagination Factory, and you can learn more about him in the Public Relations Department located here:


We’ve always wanted to make a jigsaw puzzle of Trashasaurus, so in celebration of Earth Day’s 50th Anniversary, you can try your hand at working one online. 

  • To see the photo of Trashasaurus, click the icon on the upper right. 
  • The symbol in the middle allows you to see just the edge pieces, but working the 100 piece puzzle as it is will be more challenging.
  • Use your arrow to capture and release the pieces. When you’ve made a correct move, you’ll hear a clicking sound.
  • When you’ve finished, the time it took to complete the puzzle will appear in the upper right corner. 

Now, ready, set, GO!

Learn how to make your very own Trashasaurus Rex sculpture here: :

If you want to make a smaller model, go here:

Visit the Earth Day Network at


© 2020 Marilyn J. Brackney

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