What does a koala look like? How do you draw a jeep? Which way do the stripes run on a zebra? You'll know the answers to these and many other questions, and you can save a lot of paper from going to the landfill by making a picture file.

How to:

Find and decorate a box so you can file your pictures alphabetically. Now the fun begins, because you're ready to begin the hunt! Look through old magazines, newspapers, and other publications.

Consider every page as to how it may be used. Pictures, obviously, can be clipped, filed, and used later for reference whenever you are drawing and need to know how certain animals or objects look.

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You will need:

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Make A Picture File


Magazines are great sources of art materials. Collect different kinds of type-styles that appear in advertisements and article titles. Use them in letter colle or when writing a secret pal note to a friend. Heavy, coated paper stock may be cut and rolled into beads, and you can even make envelopes out of the pages.

Besides saving them for your file, pictures make great materials for collage. Advertisements have become works of art in themselves. Save the pages for their color or design. Now you have a ready source for torn paper collage.

Tips and Tricks:

Collect used file folders in which to organize your pictures. Turn them inside out, so you can write the title of each on the folder tab, or glue a small strip of paper over the old titles.


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