Deja Vu Art Show Held in Celebration of America Recycles Day

Poster for Dejavu Art Show 2009

Deja Vu All Over Again was held on Saturday, November 7th in downtown Columbus, Indiana. Hundreds of beautiful art and fine craft pieces, including collage, jewelry, sculpture, mosaics, and weaving, were displayed. The following artists won Purchase Awards.

Dick Gerard..........Wood turning
Nick McGill...........Machine Sculpture
Susie Seligman..........Furniture
Chad Shock..........Wood turning
Stone Belt Art & Craft..........Mixed media
Megan Winn..........Bookbinding
Sheryl Woodhouse-Keese..........Papermaking
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Fall 2009

Some of the 2009 Deja Vu Artists


Winn's DisplayStone Belt Art & Craft DisplayLori Henderson's Jewelry DisplayMartina Celerin's Weaving DisplayGlenn Carter's Display

Trashasaurus Rex Inspires Others to Create

Trashasaurus rexTrashasaurus Rex celebrated his 17th birthday in October! Completed in the fall of 1992, we created the solid waste sculpture to protest a United States District Court ruling. The judge in the case decided that the State of Indiana couldn't keep other states from exporting their trash for disposal in our landfills. Trashasaurus was created to bring attention to the news story, and to encourage our citizens to reduce, reuse, and recycle.

Since his creation, the dino appeared in a parade, and he participated in the First Kids' World Conference on the Environment, which was held at the Nickelodeon Television Studios in Orlando, Florida. After learning that the Rocky Mount Children's Museum lost its entire collection from flooding caused by Hurricane Floyd, we donated Trashasaurus to the North Carolina museum .

Directions for creating one's own solid waste sculpture appear at The Imagination Factory, and since posting them in 1996, many students, families, and organizations, including Tim Freud's class at Holy Cross Elementary School in Dover, Delaware, have created their own versions of Trashasaurus Rex. Below are images of some of the solid waste sculptures. If you know of others, please send photos and contact information to
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by Marilyn J. Brackney

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Tim Freud's art class and their trashasaurus trashasaurus head shotConnecticut's Garbage MuseumGolden Days Parade in Fairbanks Alaska

Create an America Recycles Day Flag flag imageDedicated to encouraging people to recycle and to buy recycled products, America Recycles Day (ARD) is celebrated each year on November 15. Now on ARD, millions of Americans attend school and community events to celebrate.

You'll need:

How To:

Study the materials used to create the America Recycles Day flag, and collect similar solid waste. Spray paint red and white stripes and a blue field on a sturdy background, such as a piece of plywood. Now arrange the objects you've collected on newspaper, and paint them red, white, or blue. Use a hot glue gun to attach them to areas of the same color. Fill in the red and white, and add fifty pieces of white solid waste for the stars.

Tips and Tricks:

recycling chasing arrowsTo complete the recycling circle, you must collect, recycle, and buy recycled, so visit our artists' professional showcase, The Green Gallery. There you can see and buy a variety of art and fine crafts created from scrap, or work made by reusing materials. As an Imagination Factory Member, you'll receive a 20% discount, too!