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Leave it to an artist to see the beauty in worn leather coats, mismatched silverware, broken dishes, and old sweaters. These are just some of the materials artists have repurposed to create work for the Déjà Vu Art and Fine Craft Show. The event will take place at The Commons in Columbus, Indiana from 10:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. on Saturday, November 11th.

This year marks the seventeenth time the Déjà Vu Art and Fine Craft Show has been presented, and professional artists from Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, and Ohio are participating. Many of the show's participants are members of prestigious organizations such as Indiana Artisan or the Louisville Artisans Guild.

Starting in 2012, we began honoring one person as our Featured Artist, and this year, we're pleased to award the title to Joel Fremion of Ossian, Indiana. Exhibiting his work for the first time, Joel is an award-winning collage artist whose creative method is best described as painting with fabric. With a background in architecture, many of his subjects feature his interpretation of structures from around the world, but Joel also creates beautiful floral and nature pieces, too.

Work in this year's show includes collage, jewelry, book arts, home décor, mixed media, sculpture, wearable art, woodworking, mosaic, and glass art, all created from scrap materials or items that have been repurposed. A few years ago, a new category was added to recognize artists who use sustainable, natural materials to create their work.

Sponsors of the event are the Bartholomew County Solid Waste Management District, Columbus Area Visitors Center, First Financial Bank, Kroot Corporation, and the Lincoln-Central Neighborhood Family Center, with additional support from Hotel Indigo, Lucabe Coffee Co., and Viewpoint Books.

To learn more about the exhibiting artists, visit the Déjà Vu Facebook page at


2023 Participating Artists

Mixed Mediadog

Marilyn Brackney
Pam Cooper
Agnes Faverjon
Charlene Rule
Tamara Smith
Susie Seligman


Roxanne Gabbard


TeriLu Adler
Jane Bruns & Patti Hodge
Jessica Eisert
Mary Firestone
Richard Flory
Hannah & Connor Grimm
Allison Kruer
Cheyenne Stephens mittens
Renata Nunez
Deborah Peckler
Tamara Smith

Wearable Art

Kyleigh Arnold
Robin Arnold
Lu Brunnemer
Envision Designs
Melissa Gonnet
Claudia Hall
Alice Holcomb
Cathy Ridgewood
Martha St. Clair

Wood Arts

Lynn Hoeltke
Don Kingen
Craig & Barbara Lambert
Leah Tannen
David Vogelsang

Wood Sculpture

Joe Krutulis


Larry Brackneyowl
Marilyn Brackney
Kevin & Karen Houtchens
Donetta Breeden Cross

Book Art

Rai Peterson


Agnes Faverjon
Joel Fremion (Featured Artist)

Glass Artslamp

DeMaris Glazier
Kelly Rauch

Home Decor

Leslie McCarthy
Tim Hallett
Sue McCracken
Jean Rollison


Bob Blum
Betsy Cooprider-Bernstein
& Christine Schafer
Amber Gilleypendant
Jessica Grubb
Cheryl Kelly
Joe Krutulis
Roxy Lentz
Wendy Myers-Meyer
Bonnie Robbins
Christy Robertson
Jill Stillwell
LuAnn Thomas
Sandy Walker


Marilyn Brackney

Metal Sculptureowl assemblage

Tom Hadley
Kevin & Karen Houtchens
Dacelle Peckler

visitor center logoPhoto credits: The Commons by Koetter/Kim and CSO Architects; Commons photos by Don Nissen. Artists' photos submitted by participating artists.

Additional Images: Poster design by Susan M. Brackney, city scape collage by Joel Fremion, art dolls by Marilyn Brackney, Fish by Larry Brackney, owl sculpture by Kevin & Karen Houtchens, city collage by Agnes Faverjon, heart pendants by Bonnie Robbins, yarn bowls by Mary Firestone, felted dog by Dacelle Peckler, earrings by Roxy Lentz, gourd art by TeriLu Adler, chair by Leslie McCarthy, lamp by Tim Hallett, mittens and hat by Lu Brunnemer, wooden box by Don Kingen, and mobile and jewelry by Joe Krutulis.