Facts About Large Arch

A Columbus Sculpture by Henry Moore

Henry Moore saw Stonehenge when he was a young architect, and it's thought that the ancient structure influenced the design of Large Arch. While the sculpture was designed in England, it was sand-cast at a foundry in West Germany.

Cast in bronze in 50 sections, it was welded by invisible seams. Large Arch varies from .25 to .50 inch in thickness. The sculpture stands 20.5 feet high, measures 12 feet wide, and it weighs 5.5 tons.

Patina is a green film which occurs naturally on copper or bronze after long exposure to the elements. Sometimes artists "hurry the process along" by using acids to color the metal. The patina on Large Arch was created at the foundry by the sculptor.

To learn more about Henry Moore and his work, visit The Henry Moore Foundation. The organization has the world's largest collection of work by the sculptor.

Henry Moore's Larger Arch Columbus Indiana

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