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Leave it to an artist to see the beauty in worn leather coats, mismatched silverware, broken dishes, and old sweaters. These are just some of the materials artists have repurposed to create work for the Déjà Vu Art and Fine Craft Show. The event will take place at The Commons in Columbus, Indiana from 10:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. on Saturday, November 10th.

This year marks the fourteenth time the Déjà Vu Art and Fine Craft Show has been presented, and more than 60 professional artists from Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio are participating. Featured Artist Chris Gustin and many other exhibitors are members of prestigious organizations such as Indiana Artisan.

Having practiced the fine craft of weaving for more than fifty years, Chris is a long time exhibitor in the Déjà Vu Art and Fine Craft show. The Brown County artist creates a variety of items including wearable art, wall hangings, and rugs. A popular stop on the Back Roads of Brown County Studio Tour, her Homestead Weaving Studio will be open to the public this fall.

Work in this year's show includes jewelry, sculpture, weaving, wearable art, leatherwork, marbling, woodworking, and glass art, all created from scrap materials or items that have been repurposed. A few years ago, a new category was added to recognize artists who use sustainable, natural materials to create their work.

Sponsors of the event are the Bartholomew County Solid Waste Management District, Columbus Area Visitors Center, First Financial Bank, Kroot Corporation, and the Lincoln-Central Neighborhood Family Center, with additional support from Bucceto's, Hotel Indigo, Papa's Deli/Papa's Grill.

To learn more about the exhibiting artists, visit the Déjà Vu Facebook page at



2018 Participating Artists

Mixed Media

Carol Hedin
Lynne Medsker
Indre Pralataviciute Mineikiene


Linda Themer

Natural/Sustainable Materials

Greg Adams
Priya Buge
Donna Jo Copeland
Soapy Soap Company
Sue Westhues

Wearable Art

mittens Robin & Kyleigh Arnold
Anna Brown
Lu Brunnemer
Donna Jo Copeland
Envision Designs
Chris Gustin
Claudia Hall
Anne Henderson
Connie Welch & Frances Marsh
B J McHugh
Lynne Mikolon
Rose Poe
Martha St. Clair


Donna Jo Copeland
Chris Gustin
Lynne Mikolon
Rose Poe


Chuck Baker
Joe Henderson
Joe Krutulis
Tom O. Reed
Doug White
Dave Vogelsang


Joe McGlothin


Robb Besosa
Gary Garitson
Lynn Hoeltke
Ron Kerr
Don Kingen
Ted Lyons
Jeffry Poe
Mark Tschida


Larry Brackney
Marilyn Brackney

Book Arts

Alice Jane Smith


Kehkashan Mahdi


Greg Adams
Robb Besosa
Ted Lyons & Ron Kerr

Glass Art

Jerald Hatton
Cheryl Liston
Liz McColm


Rima Adomaviciene
Bob Blum butterfly necklace
Jennifer Davies
Julie Gootee
Molly Hendricks
Lisa Hopkins
Cheryl Kelly
Gloria Schotter
Jill Stillwell
LuAnn Thomas
Sandy Walker
Dodie Wrocklage-Harp


Anita Hopper


Marilyn Brackney

Metal Sculptureturquoise purse

Dominick Andrisani
Chuck Baker
Brad Cox
Tom Hadley

Photo credits: The Commons by Koetter/Kim and CSO Architects; Commons photos by Don Nissen. Artists' photos submitted by participating artists.

Additional Images: Long-sleeved top by BJ McHugh, bird carving by Doug White, pie Server by Tom O. Reed, butterfly necklace by Rima Adomaviciene, owl assemblage by Larry Brackney, willow furniture and accessories by Greg Adams, butterfly pendant by Julie Gootee, leather purse by Anita Hopper, woven wrap by Chris Gustin, marbled hibiscus by Marilyn Brackney, mittens by Connie Welch & Frances Marsh, and jacket by Anna Brown.